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OMG is a diversified full-service Media house that deals in wide genre ranging from Film, Digital Media, TV Production & Entertainment projects. Also, OMG is a talent acquisition specialist working across all the seasons of the successful Television shows like Bigg Boss, Laughter Challenge, Fear Factor, Master Chef, The Voice & much more. With the proven record, OMG has been working in the talent industry as a ‘Trend Setter’ with a major contribution to Indian TV by presenting the quality talent. Being a strategic leader, OMG has always focused on succession planning, diversity, calibrations, and the identification of capability strengths and opportunities to achieve the consistency for the successful shows.

Talent Sourced

We Don't Follow Trends, We Create Them !!!

The Founder

Annand Chavan

With over 25 years of experience in the media sector, Mr Annand has worked across the industry in various capacities covering business planning and execution. He has been instrumental in heading the entire talent and celebrity circuit for Endemol across their biggest properties of Bigg Boss and Fear Factor since their first seasons. He has a key role in heralding the Marathi vertical across events and TV for Endemol. He is a mega mind with tons of business gyaan and strategies.

Celebrity Talents

OMG Celebrity Talents

Our Vision

Being the bridge between Talent and Media Industry, OMG aims at delivering good quality groomed talent with just a click away and on the other give multiple growth channels to the talent.

Talent Pool

OMG is a click away to unlock your potential, “Leading to an effective change”

OMG Values


Physical Grooming

Confidence Building




Professional Individual

Our Strength




Media Relations

Exclusive Access

Why be a part of the Mob, When you can be exclusive and have your own customised needs taken care of.


With OMG Talent Portal, Say bye to complicated search as OMG enables you to get talent from even remotest of all areas in India.

Filtered Data

Say bye to all profile misfits, Use the advanced filter option to find talents according to your preference.

Way Forward By OMG

After finding your specific talents, All you need to do is send the info to OMG & We shall do the rest.

Audition Process

OMG helps you line up auditions at ease and streamlines the process.

Short Listing Quality Talent

Post the audition process, OMG helps you shortlist the talents & streamlines the signing up process.

Talent Growth


Unlike other portals, Registering on OMG is free of cost & easy.


Post registration, The OMG analyses your profile, Creates an action plan for you.


Basis the action plan, You are groomed on various aspects.


We package you identifying your USP’s & help you identify your strengths.


With packaging comes branding, Going hand in hand, We promote you on platforms like Youtube & Events to develop following in the masses.

Revenue Options

With all Hard work comes in Success. We help you identify various mediums to reach your goal.

Talent Challenges

Focus On The Solution, Not The Problem

Screen Fear: Signing up with OMG can Boost your confidence in appearing for Auditions. Being talented is one thing but how to showcase that talent is another.

Limited Access: Most of the times, its a Puzzle to plan our career ahead, OMG endorses you to reach the right place at the right time.

Content: OMG enables you to work on how to present your content in the most effective manner & brings out the best in you!

Financial: An artist is loaded with talent but OMG entitles the same artist to identify various revenue generation options which helps in career growth.

Media Challenges

Believe in Quality Not Quantity

Time & Audition Costs: Time is Money we believe, Save up on your logistics as OMG helps you walk through the audition process with an ease.

Grooming Investment: Save cost on grooming new faces as OMG ensures to deliver the best quality groomed talent to you.

Unwanted Profiles: Tired of profiles not matching with the requirement, OMG is the perfect solution as it helps you filter the data & provides you quality Talent.

Limited Reach: Reach out to unlimited database of Quality Talent Pan India with just a click away.


With our recent talent sourcing for the following shows, OMG is now producing a remake of Marathi blockbuster movie Balak Palak (BP) in two languages (Tamil & Telugu)

  • Bigg Boss season 10
  • Rising Star
  • Masterchef season 5
  • The Voice 2
  • Ultimate Beat Master – Netflix

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What is OMG?

OMG is a ‘Talent Acquisition Specialist’ working across all the seasons of the successful reality shows such as Big Boss, Laughter Challenge, Fear Factor, Master Chef, The Voice & much more. OMG is not only a part of talent reality shows but also an active part of Movie Production, Managing talent, Sourcing and Content development.

How does OMG Works?

Being the bridge between Talent and media industry, OMG aims at delivering good quality groomed talent with just a click away and on the other give multiple growth channels to talent. After you get registered with OMG, Our experts will analyze your potential and guide you to get a better platform for the reality show, media, and event industry, where we create opportunities in three areas –career, fame and also helps you to gain your earnings.

What is the advantage for the new aspiring talent?

Our experts will groom you in fulfilling the criteria for the registration process for the reality show which is suitable for any auditions for talent hunt shows. Our team will guide you on Confidence Building, Quality Content & Presentation, which will help you to face the auditions successfully.

What If I am already a professional talent?

Great!  You are at a right place. No matter how great your talent is, it will not gain its deserved ‘Value’ if it’s not spread strategically – to the right audience, at the right time! OMG will enhance your profile and make a strategic career plan and promote you on various media. A professional team will deal on behalf of you for the negotiations & other logistics. It will help you for the better growth & fame.

What is the difference between OMG and other talent management company?

Good question! We are here to start your career and give you a proper direction and guide you to make a professional individual who can fulfil their dreams and lead to an effective change without any “FEES.” Define your Talent, Create your Personality, Build Connections & Promote with a Perfect Picture. Get Talked About & Stay Relevant.

How Will I be updated?

Once you are registered you will get latest updates about Auditions-Events and other happenings personally on your Contact Number, E-mail, and your registered account. Other activities that will be held on our channel will be provided on our Mobile App.

How will OMG promote me on social media platform?

For promotions, we have our dedicated YouTube channel. We will make sure that we promote you and your videos in other social media platforms and do the campaign in every possible way.

What is the aim of launching this digital OMG website?

As we know that there are many challenged faced by talent and media industry, OMG makes it easier for them to get connected & OMG will be the only Platform in fluffing all the requirements. We will help the talent in terms of Content, Screen Fear, Presentation, Physical Grooming and much more.

Can social media really help me in my building career path?

Social media can be a powerful marketing and positioning tool as you grow and manage your career. For this reason, alone, it makes sense to approach the online conversation with a strategy to keep your presence and activities focused and intentional.